Over the years we have earned a reputation for being fastidious and reliable.  Whether it is with minor repairs and maintenance, or for technical modifications and harness work it is important to us that your gear looks as good as it did the day it left the factory!   

It is our goal to always provide you with the best customer service, along with an assurance that we will continue our professional development to the highest standards.

We help you to look after your equipment so it can look after you!

If you are in the area we welcome you to come and join us whilst your gear in being inspected.  It is a great way to learn and understand your equipment better.

We also utilise a number of Nationwide courier services if you need your gear collected or delivered on a specific day.

Please use the Booking Form if you would like to book work or for more information.

 ·     Reserve Repacks

·      Relines

·      Harness Repairs / Resizing

·      Container / Canopy Repairs

·      Wingsuit Bridles & Mods

·      Skyhook & Reserve Boost - Authorised Installation Facility

 ·      Pre Purchase Gear Inspections for that used rig you are considering

 ·      Custom Projects