Complete Rig Rental

Please use the Rental Form if you would like to book a Rig or for more information.

Skydive Rig Rental

Mee Loft is proud to be the innovators of the original and best rental program in Australia with more items available for you than most Drop Zones. 


Rental gear at some drop zones can be hard to find and share on busy days. For students and low experienced jumpers learning to fly their canopies this can be difficult as each canopy can have its own individual flight characteristics due to differing age condition or line trim....

.....not to mention Student Gear isn’t often the most comfortable or stylish.  Designed with Safety in mind not Style.

Mee Loft has made that a thing of the past by offering complete rig hire with no limit to the number of jumps you do each month! All our rigs are the latest equipment and top brands.  

Main canopies such as Low Pack Volume Pilots, Pulse and ZP Safire3 & Sabre3, the very same canopies that you see on your drop zone being jumped everyday and are known for their reliable openings and predictable flight characteristics.  

All our rigs have Skyhook RSL or MARDs fitted.  As our equipment meets APF Student requirements you will be able to use it with your DZSO's approval at any time after you finish your course.

We regularly rotate our rental equipment out and replace it with new gear ensuring that you are always hiring equipment that is in excellent condition and practically brand new!

Importantly by using our GearUp Skydive rigs you can improve consistency of canopy flights, which will drastically improve your accuracy as well as understanding and knowledge of canopy flight which could help improve your safety too. 

We can help keep you current and in the sky with minimum downtime!

Please use the Rental Form if you would like to book a Rig or for more information.

Gear Up Skydive - The Basics

  • Complete Rig Hire is $650 per month (or part thereof) for unlimited jumps (sadly you must buy your own jump tickets). 
  • Shorter Term Hire is available on occasion - please advise of your needs via the booking form above
  • APF Members Gear Insurance (Only available to FULL APF members) must be acquired at time of hire. Insurance annual premium rates for Complete Rig Hire vary from state to state . Policy is in Hirer's name and can be transferred at the end of the rental period to your own rig at no cost.
  • Courier / Shipping will be charged at cost. Please ask for a quote for your location.
  • The rental agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the rental.
  • Only the person named in the hire agreement may use the equipment
  • A copy of your current full APF membership, Drivers Licence or Passport must be submitted with the Gear Hire Application.
  • All incidents must be reported to Mee Loft within 24 hours and prior to the next jump.
  • Mee Loft approved persons only to repack reserve in the event of reserve activations.  We will advise who is in your area when required.
  • Please refer to the hire agreement for full terms and conditions.