Gear Store Information


For just on two decades we have been offering gear sales to those that know us.  It started out at a drop zone level, offering a service to our friends.  This grew with word of mouth as we gained more happy customers.  With our reputation for excellent support and service the last few years has seen us provide our services not just to locals but jumpers and drop-zones nationwide.

We have experience in all the aspects of the process and know the pitfalls and how to avoid them!  We begin by helping you are choose the right rig for you and your budget, whilst ensuring the options are what you need as well as want.  We pioneered the idea of a video conference to measure our customers to ensure correct fit of the rig and have had outstanding results.  There are a number of ways that the measurements can result in a poorly fitting rig if you are not familiar with the way it should be done.

OUR PRICING -  (AUD) $ and (USD) $

Most items in the gear store are priced in Australian Dollars and are labelled (AUD) $.  Containers and Rig Packages are priced in US Dollars and labelled (USD) $.

We review our AUD prices for imported products regularly based on the current exchange rate.

Our advertised prices for Rigs & Containers are in US Dollars and do not include shipping or import duties.  Our quotes clearly show all duties and costs that are associated with importing them into Australia and are provided to you prior to any order being confirmed.  Associated costs are often not clearly explained when people are purchasing from many stores, especially those located overseas.  Your new rig purchase from Mee Loft - stress and surprise free!  (Mee Loft Assurance: if the rate improves in the customers favour within the valid quote period we will place the order under the better rate for any order paid in full up front.)

We do not offer packages with all the lowest price items to suck you in.  The popular brand packages we offer you are what most people desire and have the option to adjust them as you wish to suit your needs or budget.

We will always provide a comprehensive quote that gives an honest and transparent outline of the true cost of importing equipment into Australia.  Having two decades of experience means that there are no hidden surprises, no long customs delays and no risk of losing your money or new gear.

Gear Store Package Info

Important information

  • The terms are designed to ensure transparency and ease for the buyer - if you have questions please ask.  We are here to make it easy!
  • Containers come complete with all basic options as advertised on the manufacturer website.
  • Gear Package Prices advertised do not include options that normally attract a charge as per the manufacturers website e.g. Skyhook, Pin stripes or Contrast Stitching etc
  • Quotes reflect a landed in Australia price and include all import duties, customs fees and shipping. 
  • We are more than happy to spend the time assisting with different quotes and variations to ensure that you end up with exactly what you are looking for.
  • Please ask if you have questions - we are here to help!