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Personal Flotation Device

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Mee Loft's own brand PFD is super low profile and secure!


Regardless of whether you are are Tandem Master doing daily jumps near the water or if you are doing demo's or fun jumps on to the beach for Cay Boogie, APF Op Reg 7.1.4 states you need a PFD and common sense requires that you can rely on it not flap around in the breeze!

Each pouch and life jacket carry a unique serial number and show the standard they are approved under, allowing us to track each batch we manufacture.
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  MEE LOFT LOYALTY PROGRAM!  Sadly all things wear out eventually through use and when they do return your Mee Loft Brand Product to us to get a 15% discount on your replacement purchase.

A personal flotation device that complies with APF Equipment Standards must be worn by each and every parachutist in the following situations:

(a) All parachutists if the target is within 300 metres of a water hazard; and (b) A student parachutist if the target is within 500 meters of a water hazard.

APF Equipment standard Personal Floatation Device