Canopy Rental

Please complete the Rental Form if you would like to book a canopy or for more information.

We know that often people are stuck when they are searching for gear or for the right canopy for the rig they have found.  To make it easier for you we offer monthly rental on canopies for you and of course they are UNLIMITED JUMPS!

Canopy sizing ranges from as low as 120 and all the way up to 230 so there is something for everyone.

We also have many Low Pack Volume canopies as well, so for example, if your container is built for a 170 then one of our Low Pack Volume 190's should fit and then you are good to jump your own rig saving you the extra cost of jumping rental rigs.

Also as we are regularly adding different models / brands to our rental and demo fleet, so you can try something different before you buy a new canopy.  

Because our canopies are all swapped out before they get many jumps on them you will have the advantage of trying a fresh canopy instead of yours mates 'tired and out of trim' version.

Please use the Rental Form if you would like to book a canopy or for more information.


Gear Up Skydive - The Basics

  • Canopy rental is $185 per month (or part thereof) for unlimited jumps
  • APF Members Gear Insurance (Only available to FULL APF members) must be acquired at time of hire.  Insurance annual premium for Canopy Only Hire vary from State to State. Policy is in Hirer's name and can be transferred at the end of the rental period to your own canopy at no cost.  
  • The equipment log provided must be maintained to track jump numbers for maintenance purposes, remember we encourage you to jump lots.
  • Courier / Shipping will be charged at cost. Please ask for a quote for your location.
  • The rental agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the rental.
  • Only the hirer may use the equipment, it is not to be used by anyone other than the person named in the rental agreement.
  • A copy of your APF membership, Drivers License or Passport must be submitted with the Gear Hire Application.
  • All incidents must be reported to Mee Loft within 24 hours and prior to the next jump.
  • Please refer to the hire agreement for full terms and conditions.