Vigil Cuatro AAD

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  • Four modes in one: PRO – STUDENT – TANDEM – XTREME
    • Student, Expert, Tandem or Xtreme – all-in-one device.

Water Resistance

  • Vigil Cuatro is waterproof (IP68 rated; max. 1,8 meters for a maximum of 24 hours).

No scheduled maintenance

  • Performs a self-check at every start-up.

Life Expectancy

  • Up to 20 years life expectancy.  Mandatory battery changes are at 10 years from date of manufacture and must be returned to Belgium factory for replacement.

Memory Features

  • Logbook with total number of jumps, overall free fall time, last free fall time, max speed of the last free fall, number of saves, atmospheric pressure, temperature…
  • Information accessible through LCD.

Black box function

  • Vigil retains last 16 minutes of freefall and creates 16 graphs containing all jump information that can be downloaded through an Infra Red download box.