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Australian Dollar Prices at current exchange rate available upon request

Canopy is in excellent condition and packs like a slippery pain in the arse!

Great canopy well suited to wing-suiting or for anyone who just wants trouble free reliable openings and canopy flight.  Has been packed and stored carefully for the last three years!

ESC ID 997 / $2,000

Main   Pilot7-137

- DOM : 2016

- Type of line:  ZLX Vectran 

- Line condition :  Good with a couple of hundred jumps left in the lines 

- Trim offset on A lines: nil

- Canopy condition :  crinkle central

- # of known jumps: around 200

If you have any questions or would like to purchase this product, please CONTACT US HERE (Remember to put down the ESC ID as reference when completing the form) or call us on 0475 301 528.

We can re-harness to custom fit your amazing body.