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"Better is best."-every PD engineer ever. Basically, our amazing engineers took all the best things about the original Velocity, and made it..wait for it... BETTER. Crazy, right? This is a cross-braced canopy on steroids (the use of which we condone in our canopies, not their pilots). The Comp Velocity is perfect for high performance canopy pilots ready to compete, or anyone dabbling in cross-braced flight for the first (beer) time.

Great openings, advanced aerodynamics, powerful rear risers, excellent slow flight characteristics on toggles (hellooooo canopy flocking & XRW!), and improved landing performance. Turns out you can have your beer line, and swoop it, too.

Technical Info

  • 7-cell crossbraced canopy
  • All Zero Porosity (ZP) fabric
  • Orange Vectran, HMA, or Vectran lines
  • Collapsible Channel Slider, RDS slider or Collapsible RDS slider


  • Great openings
  • Long recovery arc
  • Very steep glide
  • Great shut down power
  • Responsive and powerful canopy

Great for

  • Highly experienced canopy pilots
  • First-time crossbraced canopy pilots
  • Getting back from long spots
  • Camera flyers
  • Individuals learning high performance canopy piloting under appropriate supervision
  • Individuals looking for a high performance canopy for competition