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Mirage G4 MX 1/2 / PR113 / Cypres2 / Velo 84

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Australian Dollar Prices at current exchange rate available upon request

 Budget gear.  Great if you are looking for something that you don't mind getting wet and dirty.  Terrible if you are trying to show  the spectators on the edge of the pond that you are minted!

Tandem Master has left the sport and has decided to sell 'as is'.  This rig would suit someone with experience and not the "can you teach me to swoop" 25 jump wonder!  

Overall basically a new BOC and a patch and this gear is good to go.

ESC ID 1173 / $2,200

Container  Mirage G4 MX 1/2 

- Harness: MLW 16.5  Lateral + 0.5

- DOM : Aug 2005 

- Container condition: Plenty of life left with some maintenance required.

 - Features :

 — Hip & Chest ring articulation (bendy)
— Stainless steel hardware (shiny)
 — Blade risers (2 jumps old)
— BOC (stretched - please replace)
— Draw-string slider  (As NEW)
— RDS slider (not new at all)
— Chest strap extender (see you are a swooper already)

Reserve  PR113

- DOM :  JAN 2007

- # of known packs: 12

- # of known uses: none

- Reserve repack due date : NOW

AAD Model:  Cypres2

- DOM :   Nov 2012

- Next service / maintenance date : NOW

Main  Velo-84

- DOM :  04/2008

- Type of line: Vectran

- Line condition :  Still airworthy until you drag them through the pond a bunch and then its up to you to work out how long they are good for.

- Canopy condition : Material is fine, needs a patch by the label but for the discerning jumper some sticky rip stop would do.

- # of known jumps: Seller advises around 400

Additional information :

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If you have any questions or would like to purchase this product, please CONTACT US HERE (Remember to put down the ESC ID as reference when completing the form) or call us on 0475 301 528.

We can re-harness to custom fit your amazing body.