G4 Visors

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Choice of 5 style visors to suit your G4 helmet and one visor fits all G4 helmet sizes.

Clear, Tinted, Mirror Blue, Orange & Photochromatic

G4 Visors have an anti-fog inside and anti-scratch outside. It is tested for its optical qualities, and as such it has been certified and carries a CE mark.

The visor is very simple to remove. Undo the two side plates screws on both side of the visor. Remove these plates and slide the visor forward. The tinted and mirrored visors are certified to Category 2 against ISO 12312-1:2013.

Photochromtic lenses are a type of lens coated with a chemical that causes them to darken in bright light and become normal when in normal surroundings

 "due to this being a bulky item a 3kg satchel is the minimum requirement for shipping"