CYPRES 2 Service

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Why not consider a Rental AAD Unit while yours is away being serviced which is just $100 for the whole time that yours is away!

Lead times are vary from 6-8 weeks, up to 9-10 weeks at busy times, from shipping to Airtec in Germany and return to Mee Loft.

We include standard return shipping from Mee Loft to your doorstep after the service as well!  Please let us know if you would like to upgrade to Express.

For all CYPRES 2 units manufactured in December 2015 and earlier there is still a mandatory requirement for a service at four years and eight years (+/- six months) from date of manufacture.

For all CYPRES 2 units manufactured in January 2016 and later this is no longer a mandatory requirement, however, the CYPRES 2 warranty can only be extended provided the device is returned for maintenance at the recommended intervals.

The Airtec ethos:

There are two schools of thought when it comes to maintenance: fix something when it breaks or schedule maintenance to prevent an item from breaking. Because of the thin line between life and death when something goes wrong in our sport, we believe preventative maintenance is the correct approach and is what separates CYPRES from its competitors. As seen with routine car maintenance (preventative care), we see value in taking care of potential problems before they occur.