Aerodyne Icon A

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Compare the Icon A with any other rig on the market and you will recognise the extreme high value for money. Most popular features are standard included in the base price. Also standard is the large selection of fabrics, colours and options, which allow you to design the best-looking rig in the world - Yours!

The Icon A can handle high speeds in all freefall positions. Magnetic riser covers are standard and ensure riser containment at high speeds. Anti-snag tuck tabs are used for pin protection, bridles are fully covered, risers are fully covered and guided into the main container with special riser ramp panels to aid in ensuring risers and lines are not snagged on the reserve container during accidental deployments. There is no Velcro or need for added riser covers with this design giving the rig a sleek, clean appearance.

Standard with any Icon container is the miniforce 3-ring system. The elongated middle ring makes it easier to cut away, due to the improved lever effect. This system reduces the pull force required to cut away by up to 35% compared to other traditional mini 3-ring systems. Also, Standard is a spacer foam back pad and embroidered A on the centre flap.

Standard Features

  • Miniforce Ring
  • Double Magnetic Riser Covers
  • Stainless Chest and Hip Rings
  • Inverted Yoke Comfort
  • Standard embroidery
  • Ballistic Nylon Fabric
  • Best In Class Reserve Pin Cover


  • Aerofit Backpad
  • Belly Band
  • Long Rig Option
  • Semi Stowless D Bag
  • Skyhook Option
  • AeroMARD
  • Wingsuit options