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Zulu-X 152 ZPX AS NEW!

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Zulu-X 152 ZPX

This canopy is just surplus to the owners needs now.  Purchased for a second rig and then decided to keep both canopies the same and has swapped this out for another canopy.

The Zulu is known for reliable openings and plenty of fun without the complications that crossed-brace canopy can bring.  This would be a great step for someone who has done some canopy courses and wants to step away from their intermediate Safire / Pilot / Sabre and start to get some more performance under the watchful eye of their canopy coach.



- DOM : 6th Jan 2021 !!

- Colour : Blue / Green

- Type of line:  ZLX

- Line condition :  As New 

- A1 & A5 difference: nil

- Canopy condition : perfect

- # of jumps: maybe as many as 30!


ESC ID 863