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UPT V319 / OP143 / Vigil II - DREAM RIG!

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This container has less than 20 jumps on it!!

Owner has been taken with a severe bout of ‘adulting’ and has had to face up to the trauma of real life.  This has led to a sudden reduction in hanging out on the DZ and drinking copious amounts of beer between last load and first load.  It has also impacted on his social life.  In an attempt to right his life he would like to live vicariously through YOU!!

 Canopy is around half way through its first line set and still a bugger to pack!

Buy his rig and have fun, post to The Gram, Da Facebook and Snap so that he can continue to enjoy the vision of his gear swooping the beer line at sunset.

Container   V319

- DOM :  2017

- Harness :   MLW 17.5  

- Colour :  Red /White / Grey - JC Stitching

- Container condition: as new with just a little dust from storage 

- Handles : 

- Reserve : SOFT Handle  Main Deployment : FREE FLY PUD

- Features : Hip ring articulation, Skyhook, Stainless steel, Spacer foam back pad & leg pads, Magnetic Riser Covers, AXE Bag

Reserve   OP 143

- DOM : 04/2017

- Colour :  Orange - your riggers favourite to pack

- # of packs:  2

- # of uses: None

- Repack required:   Yes

AAD-mode   Vigil II

- DOM :   Week 20 / 2013

- Battery due   Week 20 / 2023



Additional information before you purchase: 


UPT / Vector3 info - click here

UPT / Vector canopy compatibility - click here


Overall condition: 

This rig is as good as new!

If you have any questions about canopy compatibility, fitting, price etc, please feel free to contact us here (Remember to put down the ESC ID as ref). We can re-harness to custom fit your amazing body.