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Javelin RSK-1 / OP113 / Vigil II / Pilot 132 zpx

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Australian Dollar Prices at current exchange rate available upon request

The hens teeth of fun time rigs with a wing-suit friendly main to boot.

ESC ID 866  / $8,000

 Owner has moved overseas and is needing to off load some toys.  So much fun in this package to be had.  Possibly don't take it through the pond as the Pilot is not known for its Panty Dropping Swoops but it is known for its reliable and forgiving openings for those days you just can't get as stable as you should after that angles jump!

The Vigil is just back from service and battery change and the OP has only ever been packed three times!

We can also adjust the MLW or Lateral for just $332.50 if you need!



Container  Javelin RSK-1   (109-120 zp mains)

- DOM :  2009

- Harness :  C19 harness.

- Container condition: Very Well Maintained

- Reserve Handle : Pillow Handle 

- Features : 


— Hip & Chest ring articulation

 — Skyhook 

— Stainless steel hardware 

— Spacer foam back pad & leg pads


- DOM : 2008

- # of known packs: 3

- # of known uses: nil

- Reserve repack required

AAD-mode  VIGIL Cuatro

Just back from service & battery change

- DOM : Oct 2008

- Expires: Oct 2028 


- DOM : 2013

- Type of line:  spectra

- Line condition :  Good / airworthy

- Trim offset on A lines: 50mm

- Canopy condition : fantastic

- # of known jumps: ~ 300


Additional information : 

Sun Path / Javelin Odyssey info - click here

Sun Path / Javelin canopy compatibility - click here

If you have any questions or would like to purchase this product, please CONTACT US HERE (Remember to put down the ESC ID as reference) or call us on 0475 301 528).

We can re-harness to custom fit your amazing body.