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Racer 2K3 / PR143

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Fly like SUPERMAN!

Why not fly through the sky like a superhero!  Rig is built for a Sabre2/3-150 main and suits anyone looking for an affordable step down rig.

Enjoy the added security of the reserve pins being between your back and the container!

 This rig has been in storage for an extended time and has barely any jumps on it.

Container  Jump Shack Racer 2K3

- MLW - 16 inch

- DOM :  June 2013

- Container condition: As new 

- Handles : - Reserve :  D-RING   Main Deployment :  HACKEY

- Features : 

— Hip ring articulation

— Stainless steel & cadmium hardware

— Spacer foam back pad & leg pads

— Magnetic Riser Covers

Reserve   Performance Designs PR143

- DOM : June 2013

- # of packs: 4

- # of uses: nil

- Repack required: yes


Additional Info:

Jump Shack / Racer 2K3 info - click here

If you have any questions about canopy compatibility, fitting, price etc, please feel free to contact us here (Remember to put down the ESC ID as ref). We can re-harness to custom fit your amazing body.