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Pilot 150

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ESC ID 942  $1,500

Canopy for easy flight!

If you have been looking to step down from a 170 and want a good all-round canopy this is it.

Do yourself and your CI a favour and don't think it will swoop you like a Katana but it will open sweetly every time!  Don't be afraid of line twists on the Pilot, they tend to fly flat and level even then!

This canopy is on its second line set and has around 700-800 jumps.  With around 150-200 left on the line set.



Main PILOT 150

- DOM :  2004

- Type of line:  Spectra

- Line condition :  Good with plenty of life left in them

- Trim offset on A lines:  approx 40mm

- Canopy condition :  Very nice

- # of known jumps: around 700-800.