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Mirage G4.1 M0 - ESC ID 616T43

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Mirage G4.1 M0

- DOM :  19/09/2013

- MLW: 17"

- Colour : Navy , Black , Red & Grey 

- Container condition: Fair. Cosmetic wear & tear, please refer to the photos

- Handle : Hackey

- Features : hip & chest rings set up, RSL, stainless steel hardware, spacer foam back pad & leg pads. 

- Risers : Monitor, can consider getting a new pair of risers 



Additional information before you purchase: 

Mirage Systems / Mirage G4 info - click here 

Mirage Systems / Mirage canopy compatibility - click here 


Overall condition:

Fun size container! Go jumping! 

If you have any questions about canopy compatibility, fitting, price etc, please feel free to contact us here (Remember to put down the gear as ref). We do re-harness to custom fit your amazing body. 

 ESC ID 616T43