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Mamba 140

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The Aerodyne Mamba is a high performance 9 cell elliptical designed with the more experienced pilot in mind that isn't looking for all the costs and pack volume issues associated with cross braced canopies. It is intended to compete with canopies like the Katana and Crossfire.



You just know that you are going to have a world of fun on this canopy!  The Mamba dives and turns like a cut snake for those of you that like to have fun under canopy.  This is not the boredom of a student bus!


And with brand new lines this means you just get to go and have fun for hundreds of jumps!!

- DOM : Apr 2006

- Colour : Orange / Blue / Grey

- Type of line:  Vectran

- Line condition :  As new - 10 jumps since installed by R19

- Canopy condition :  Not yet due for retirement

- # of jumps:   Unknown


Overall condition: 

If you have any questions about canopy compatibility, fitting, price etc, please feel free to contact us here (Remember to put down the ESC ID as ref) or call us on  0475 301 528.

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