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Jeep Canopy - Safire2-180

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Main :  Safire2 - 180 

Logo:  JEEP  (will pack approx 190-200)

- DOM : 02/2012

- Colour : White / Black

- Type of line:  Vectran 

- Line condition :  Very Good 

- Canopy condition : Great

- # of jumps: Under 100 total!!



Overall condition 

The Safire2 is known for being a super reliable canopy and would be a great first canopy for anyone.  bear in mind that the logo does mean it packs larger than a standard canopy.


The canopy is in excellent condition and has spent a long time doing nothing.

If you have any questions about canopy compatibility, fitting, price etc, please feel free to contact us here (Remember to put down the ESC ID as ref). We can re-harness to custom fit your amazing body.