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Javelin J3K / PR160 / m2 Multi / Hurricane 170

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Australian Dollar Prices at current exchange rate available upon request

 Javelins are one of the top of the range rigs and with a PD reserve and a new AAD it's all there ready to play.  The Hurricane is not the choice of canopy stepping off student status but if you are ready for something thats a bit more fun then the Hurricane has you covered!

The rig has been very well maintained and suits someone with a longer torso.  Freefly friendly and affordable!

We can also split the main out if you want just the main or the container without the main.

To purchase this rig please complete a Contact Us Form and quote ESC 826


Container   J3K   C19 

- DOM :   June 2005

- Container condition: Well maintained and cared for.

- Deployment Handles :  Soft Reserve Handle, FreeflyPud on main

- Features : 

— Hip & Chest ring articulation


— Stainless steel hardware 

— Spacer foam back pad & leg pads

Reserve   PR160

- DOM : Sept 2005

- # of known packs: 13 shown on card (reserve not opened as in date)

- # of known uses: none shown on card

- Reserve repack due date :  09-Feb-2022


- DOM : Oct 2019

- End of Service life : April 2035

Main  Hurricane 170 

- DOM : faded

- Type of line:  Vectran

- Line condition :  As new - 6 jumps old!

- Canopy condition : Material is in good condition with plenty of life left

- # of known jumps:  estimate around 800

Remember to scroll down through all the photo’s to see the main


Additional information : 

Sun Path / Javelin Odyssey info - click here

Sun Path / Javelin canopy compatibility - click here

If you have any questions or would like to purchase this product, please contact us here (Remember to put down the ESC ID as reference) or call us on 0475 301 528).

We can re-harness to custom fit your amazing body.