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INFINITY I-34 only 277 jumps (2015) $5,100

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Australian Dollar Prices at current exchange rate available upon request

On behalf of one of our customers who is ready for his next rig.

It is in Mint condition with ALL the options.

Floating laterals, BLACK Stainless steel hardware, RSL, Mesh, Hook Knife and Wing-suit Mod!

It will come with a fresh Repack as well so nothing to worry about for the next 6 months.

Known for being one of the most Free-fly friendly rigs on the market this rig can take you from Cert A as far as you wish to go!

Infinity I-34 dom August 2015 - 277 jumps  Fits Low Pack 188 down to 150  

Smart LPV 160 dom April 2015 - 5 packs / no rides (will come with fresh repack when sold)

BYO AAD -owner keeping his


MLW to suit around 15-16" plus or minus  (that around 175cm with an inseam of approx 82cm)

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