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After Cookie launched its certified full-face helmet, the G4, the shadowy figures in the Cookie lab were tasked to work on an upgrade to the G3 helmet. While initial discussions centred around improvements to the original, it soon became clear that there was a much longer list of features waiting to be realised, as well as learnings to incorporate about impact-protective materials used in the G4.

If we don't have your preferred size and colour choice, then it's a custom order. Cookie state that ALL their helmets are built to order and our lead times are generally in line with the Cookie website which is generally approximately 4-5 weeks.

To understand the G35 you first need to understand the G4 …

The G4 helmet offers a unique set of advantages over helmets traditionally used in skydiving. The challenge set by the architects of the CE XPS72600 skydiving helmet standard asked for a helmet that would impact test under the identical velocity, helmet conditioning and head coverage of the already established air sports certification EN966 but added a snag test for the obvious differences in our sport. We will continue to develop the certified range of Cookie helmets as they offer critical safety advantages in our sport, both outdoors and in the tunnel.

The G35 project, however, gave us the freedom to focus on a light weight, compact helmet that’s secure under the forces exerted by skydiving at high speeds and when cameras are added. We wanted to design an integrated GoPro solution for a full-face helmet and a non-certified design gave us the chance to do just that. The G35 has a more traditional coverage profile but is lower at the rear compared to the earlier G3. This lower shell coupled with an external high-density foam area offers firm security while allowing the user in and out of the helmet easily. The most obvious difference between the G3 and G35 is a plate area in the top of the shell. This plate recess allows the user to easily customize the helmet between standard, tunnel (anti-scratch) and utility/camera, and includes pre-mounted internals for our patent pending camera release system. All that on a foundation of a G4 style EPP foam internal. 

G35 Sizing Chart 

XS : 53-54 cm / 20 1/2" - 21 1/4"

S: 55-56 cm / 21 1/2"- 22"

M: 56-57 cm / 22"- 22 1/2"

L: 57-58 cm / 22 1/2"- 22 3/4"

XL: 59-60 cm / 23 1/4"- 23 1/2"

XXL: 61-62 cm / 24"- 24 1/2"