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Rental Offer

Have you turned up to the DZ with cash in your pocket only to find that their is no gear available?

Have you turned up to the DZ to jump, but can only do one jump because renting gear costs a fortune?

Have you turned up to the DZ to do your B-Rels, but can only do one a week because renting gear is an addition you cannot afford? 

There is a better way...SAVE MONEY AND JUMP MORE!

Renting gear from the DZ can cost you around an extra $55 on top of your jump, add an instructor if you are doing B-Rels and one jump could cost you up to $200. That is $2,000 for just 10 jumps!

Rent your own set of gear from Mee Loft "Gear up" and pay only $550 per month. Those same 10 jumps just saved you over $500! Do 20 jumps and you have saved $1000! 

Not only have you saved up to $1000, there are also rent to own options available. You are saving money, jumping more and essentially - buying your first rig!

Mee Loft Skydive Rentals


Gear Up Skydive - The Basics

  • Complete Rig Hire is $550 per month (or part thereof) for unlimited jumps (sadly you must buy your own jump tickets).
  • Shorter Term Hire is available on occasion - please advise of your needs via the booking form above
  • APF Members Gear Insurance (Only available to FULL APF members) must be acquired at time of hire.  Insurance premiums are $300 per year for Complete Rig Hire . Policy is in Hirer's name and can be transferred at the end of the rental period to your own rig at no cost.
  • Courier / Shipping will be charged at cost. Please ask for a quote for your location.
  • The rental agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the rental.
  • Only the person named in the hire agreement may use the equipment
  • A copy of your APF membership, Drivers License or Passport must be submitted with the Gear Hire Application.
  • All incidents must be reported to Mee Loft within 24 hours and prior to the next jump.
  • Mee Loft approved persons only to repack reserve in the event of reserve activations.  We will advise who is in your area when required.
  • Please refer to the hire agreement for full terms and conditions.

It is simple. The more you jump, the more money you save. There are no limits on how many jumps you can do on your Mee Loft "Gear up" rig rental. 

But, maybe you have a container and only want the canopy, or have a canopy but no container. Call Mee Loft "Gear up" and ask about all the options available.

Plus, a special offer for you. Rent a rig before 31 December 2018 and get $100 off a Cookie Helmet (*some conditions apply). Mention this ad to claim. 

Don't wait to jump, don't spend more money than you have to. Rent your very own system to buy now and save a tonne of cash better spent on jumps!


Rent Gear