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Gear Insurance and Waiver Forms

For your convenience and to speed your rental gear arriving with you please complete the two forms below and email them to us at meeloftforms AT gmail DOT com along with the following:

1: Copy of Drivers licence / Passport / 18+

2: Screen Shot of your APF Membership Status


Please ensure that your APF membership is valid until June 30th as part of your APF Gear Insurance requirements.








Only complete the sections within the Red Boxes please.  We will complete the Serial Number / Model information once we know which RIG or CANOPY you will be getting.

Insurance premium will be invoiced by Mee Loft at the exact rate charged by Sports Cover.  Mee Loft does not receive any benefits from the APF or the Insurers, financial or otherwise.



NOTE: Most browsers will allow you to complete the form within the browser window, others will require you to open them in a seperate app to complete.



Fill out both PDF's and email to meeloftforms AT gmail DOT com